Garage Door Repair in Houston, TX: How to Handle a Door That Won’t Operate

Is your garage door stuck? Learn expert tips for troubleshooting and repairing your garage door in Houston, TX, with Leneghan Garage Doors.

Picture this: it’s a Monday morning, and you’re already running late. You press the button to open your garage door, but nothing happens. Frustrating, right? We get it. At Leneghan Garage Doors, we’ve helped countless Houston residents with similar issues. Let’s dive into how you can troubleshoot a garage door that just won’t budge.

Understanding Your Garage Door System

First things first, let’s get to know your garage door a little better. Your garage door is a complex system made up of several key components: the door itself, the opener, the springs, the tracks, and the sensors. All these parts need to work in harmony for the door to function correctly.

Regular maintenance is crucial. Like the rest of your home, your garage door needs a little TLC to keep it running smoothly. A well-maintained garage door not only ensures safety but also prolongs the life of your door and prevents those annoying breakdowns.

Safety First: Precautions Before Troubleshooting Your Garage Door

Before you start poking around, let’s talk safety. Always disconnect the garage door opener to prevent accidental activation. Check for any visible damage, like broken springs or frayed cables, and make sure to wear protective gear.

Safety isn’t just a suggestion; it’s a must. A malfunctioning garage door can be dangerous, and taking these precautions helps keep you safe while you diagnose the problem.

Checking the Garage Door Opener

Now, let’s see if the problem lies with the garage door opener. First, make sure it’s plugged in and that there’s power to the outlet. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as a tripped circuit breaker. Check the remote control and wall switch to ensure they are working properly. If the opener’s motor doesn’t run, it might be time for a closer inspection.

A faulty garage door opener is a common issue. Whether it’s a dead battery in the remote or a more serious motor problem, identifying the root cause is the first step to getting your door back in action.

Inspecting the Garage Door Sensors

The sensors are like the eyes of your garage door system. If they aren’t aligned or if they’re dirty, your garage door won’t close. Clean the sensor lenses with a soft cloth and ensure they’re properly aligned. If they’re still not working, there could be a wiring issue that needs professional attention.

Garage door sensors are critical for safety, preventing the door from closing on objects or people. Keeping them in good condition ensures your door operates safely and efficiently.

Examining the Garage Door Tracks

The tracks guide your garage door as it opens and closes. Over time, they can get dirty, misaligned, or damaged. Clean the tracks with a damp cloth to remove debris, then check for alignment. If the tracks are bent or damaged, you might need to call in a professional for repairs.

Clean and aligned tracks ensure smooth operation. This simple maintenance task can prevent many common issues and keep your garage door gliding effortlessly.

Assessing the Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs bear the weight of the door, making it easy to lift. There are two types: torsion and extension springs. If your door feels heavy or won’t open, a broken spring could be to blame. Inspect the springs for gaps or breaks. Remember, replacing springs can be dangerous, so it’s best left to the pros.

Springs are under high tension and can cause injury if mishandled. Regular inspection and timely replacement by a professional can prevent sudden failures and ensure safe operation.

Lubricating Moving Parts of the Garage Door

Just like a squeaky wheel, your garage door needs lubrication to operate smoothly. Apply a silicone-based lubricant to the rollers, hinges, tracks, and springs. Avoid using grease as it can attract dirt and grime.

Lubrication reduces friction and wear on moving parts. This simple maintenance step can extend the life of your garage door components and keep your door operating quietly and efficiently.

Balancing the Garage Door

A balanced garage door is crucial for smooth operation. Disconnect the opener and manually lift the door halfway. If it stays in place, it’s balanced. If it moves up or down, you may need to adjust the tension in the springs.

An unbalanced door puts extra strain on the opener and other components. Regularly checking and adjusting the balance can prevent premature wear and tear.

Troubleshooting the Garage Door Remote Control

If your remote control isn’t working, start by replacing the batteries. If that doesn’t help, you might need to reprogram it. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or consult your garage door opener’s manual. If the remote is still unresponsive, it might be time for a replacement.

A functional remote control ensures convenience. Keeping it in good working order saves you time and frustration when accessing your garage.

When to Call a Professional for Garage Door Repair in Houston, TX

Sometimes, DIY fixes aren’t enough. Complex issues like broken springs, motor problems, or severe track damage require professional expertise. Hiring a professional ensures the job is done safely and correctly.

Leneghan Garage Doors offers expert residential and commercial garage door repair services. We’re here to help with any issue, big or small, ensuring your garage door operates flawlessly.

Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door

Prevention is better than cure. Regularly inspect your garage door for signs of wear and tear. Clean and lubricate moving parts, and schedule professional maintenance at least once a year.

Seasonal maintenance, especially before Houston’s hot summers and occasional cold spells, can prevent many common issues and keep your garage door in top shape.


Dealing with a garage door that won’t open or close can be a headache, but with these troubleshooting tips, you’re well on your way to solving the problem. Remember, timely garage door repairs and regular maintenance can save you from bigger issues down the line.

For expert garage door repair in Houston, TX, including emergency services, contact Leneghan Garage Doors. Whether you’re near the Houston Museum of Natural Science or enjoying the vibrant life around Hermann Park, we’re just a call away. Trust us to keep your garage door operating smoothly and safely. Reach out today for all your residential and commercial garage door needs.

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